Cameras are a portal into the magical world of stories. Here are a few tales I've told.

Weekend in Belize thumbnail

Weekend in Belize

Wiffle Ball Hills thumbnail

Wiffle Ball Hills

Becoming 20 thumbnail

Becoming 20

Raider Sunday thumbnail

Raider Sunday

10 in Burgh' thumbnail

10 in Burgh'

Concrete Surfing thumbnail

Concrete Surfing

ABD thumbnail


Skydiving Before 19 thumbnail

Skydiving Before 19

Friday Night thumbnail

Friday Night

Indulge in Your Youth thumbnail

Indulge in Your Youth

Dodger Baseball thumbnail

Dodger Baseball

No Alternative thumbnail

No Alternative

Palm Springin' thumbnail

Palm Springin'

Mojave Flickers thumbnail

Mojave Flickers

Forever Now thumbnail

Forever Now

Living Free thumbnail

Living Free